Auburean, often referred to as the Lost Continent, is a large landmass known to be somewhat east of Dereth. Cartography and scrying both confirm the existence of said continent, but little else. Over the last several centuries many have tried to journey to it. Sometimes individuals in search of adventure or treasure, sometimes organized groups seeking new markets or cultures. Some of these expeditions have involved little more than a few small boats, sometimes an entire fleet, and within the last decade an Airship fleet was sent eastwards to finally catelogue the area. None of these expeditions were ever successful, and over the years fewer and fewer people have been interested in flinging resources and money away on what seems to be a fool's errand.

In February of 348, the Sperca, an Olthoi-manned Scionic Airship, managed the first recorded trip over and past the Lost Continent and returned intact. The Olthoi as a whole have decided not to reveal any information about Auburean, nor indeed even the fact that they went there, to the general public. What they did discover was a massive urban sprawl, indicative of a highly advanced society that covered most of the continent, which was totally devoid of life. No plants, no animals, no people. Fierneceal happened to be on the vessel during this trip, and Kezrinthka of Worker was the Olthoi responsible for powering the Sperca's sensors during the trip, due to her unique circumstances. No future expeditions by the Olthoi are planned.