Banderlings stand fairly tall, averaging about 6.5', fully covered in soft, inches-long fur that varies in tone and pattern extensively. Most fur tends itself towards ambers or blondes, but it's not that unusual to see a Banderling of black or white fur, or brown, or stark red. They have reverse-joint legs, but no claws or fangs beyond the norm.

Banderlings are a fairly melting-pool race. While the Trolls and Orcs get a lot of 'face time' due to prominence and activity respectively, Banderlings are actually the most populous race amongst the Naverre. The odds of finding any Naverre city or town, anywhere, that does not have Banderlings filling its streets as merchants, workers, and otherwise middle and lower class people is nonexistent. Banderlings, in many ways, fill the same aspect of society that the Moarsman do.

Banderlings, perhaps as a consequence of their commonality, tend to have a bit more racial pride than most races. While not outright racist or bigoted, any given Banderling will tend to think more positively of other Banderlings than they would any other race. They like to stick together, in matters of social engagement, economics, and of course politics. This means Half-Elf Half-Banderlings are exceptionally rare (though always accepted by Banderlings).

This also means, given the Naverre's form of government, that the vast majority of government officials in the Confederacy are Banderlings. The Trolls were attempting to establish dominance over the region, which resulted in the Non War, but the Ogres quietly arranged a compromise of the election which became the norm to this day. Banderlings, naturally, tended to vote for Banderlings so they took up a lot of the administration of the fledgling Confederacy, with the Trolls tending to take positions of financial or military power.

Notable Banderlings

  • Zigund of Seeker: Former Mayor of Al-Erat. Was ousted as part of the party's actions, later re-emerged seeking revenge against Zeiss.
  • Hotawa of Seeker: Newly elected Mayor of Al-Erat. Wealthy off his fig plantations, very well liked in the city.
  • Atacul of Aggressor: Warlord of the Naverre Raiders Bloc, one of the many Blocs that arose in the wake of the Undermarket's demise. Has control over most of the Naverre territories.
  • Terenok of Aggressor: One of the rare Geomancers, recently recruited by Snarg to be part of the Blood Fox as an Elite.
  • Lunaacha of Seeker: Former Prime Minister of the Confederacy, quickly aligned herself with the Vyeotians when they took control of the Yaraq State. Currently functioning as CEO of Æesir Shipping, a company founded by Gwydo of Graniteholme, recruited to that position after being abandoned by her allies and recruited by Zeriel of Whisperwind.

Clan Names

  • Seeker
  • Slayer
  • Striker
  • Thrasher
  • Raider
  • Mangler
  • Berserker
  • Aggressor