The Burun are large, if not overly tall, amphibious individuals with as much girth as height. Their skin is thicker than it looks at first glance, and is quite coarse, varying in color from virtually every shade imaginable, though usually leaning towards darker greens, blues, browns, and blacks. Burun have a natural tendency towards strength, though they may not look as strong as some other races, their wide arms and legs carry a lot of power. Their wide eyes also grant them better-than-average eyesight.

The Burun are arguably more responsible than anyone else for the very existence of the Four Nations and the precepts they were built upon. In the wake of Year 0, it was the Burun who first started organizing the distraught and the afraid into actual group units, and it is rumored that the very idea of the Clans was put forth by Burun. Whether this is true or not is heavily disputed, but regardless the Burun created the very first 'country' in known history, the Sho Empire.

The Burun tend to have a very passive, natural arrogance to them. Burun live longer lives than most of the races, and their culture encourages long term planning and consideration, and combined with Sho Culture it comes across as natural to them that they should be the ones taking positions of leadership and helping to guide the other races. This is one of the reasons for the Sho Empire being so rigidly caste as it is, with Burun in positions of leadership, and the Moarsman acting as a worker class, and the Sclavi being the heavy lifters.

Burun, culturally, tend to be very set in their ways as well; extremely traditionalist, to the point where tradition often trumps whatever changes are occurring in the world of the 'now'. This has led to some bad blood, racially, between the far more progressive Gnomes and Lugians.

Burun must contribute to society in some way that is recognized by their elders to earn their last name, as the Burun have no Clans of their own. Instead the Burun adds a suffix, which they then make a point of stating as often as possible when encountering others, as it is a considerable point of pride to have earned a last name.

Notable Burun

  • Sethos: Former party member and White Mage, joined the Adventurer's Guild to seek a way to prove himself to his kin and, most especially, his father. Has most recently gotten involved with the Sho Civil War on the side of the Alterationists.
  • Hozjk'loran: A Burun of unknown affiliation whom used a Red-Lightning Weapon to devastate the Fort Bleached Bones.