Centaurs are very powerful individually, and have a natural connection to the Elements. This leads to the fact that a given individual Centaur can usually take on any other race by themselves with little effort, save the Olthoi and Lugians. Further, Centaurs make natural Geomancers; in fact, the vast, vast majority of all Geomancers in the world are Centaurs, over 75% versus all other races combined. Due to their beliefs, Centaurs tend to be very weak in most forms of magic, but Geomancy being a natural form of magic, this helps even the scales considerably.

Centaurs tend to hate and be hated by the other races. Things weren't always this way, but built up over time and resentment. The Centaurs are native to what is now known as the Stonehold Region, and as more and more races slowly moved in, things got more tense. Initially things were peaceable, but unfortunately the Centaurs had a rather unavoidable difference of opinion with everyone else. The Centaurs believe in a form of anarchistic agrarian society, and disagree violently with most other forms of organization, government, and civilization. This is a strong cultural sticking point for the Centaurs, and has lead to increasing aggression over the last several centuries, until it's reached the state things are at now.

As of right now, if you see a Centaur in Primus, you should probably attack it on site. It will most likely attack you on site too. The Centaurs are nearly totally unified in purpose; that purpose being returning people to a more 'natural' state that they believe in. But the time for attempting to peacably convince others of this mindset has long since gone, and now they use bandit raids and war tribes to accomplish their goals. Centaur raids all throughout the Four Nations are semi common, and one of the most frequent threats facing anyone in Dereth.

As mentioned previously, Centaurs are united, but their organization is fully cell-based. Any given cell has one leader who coordinates with the leaders of other cells, but there's no true leader of the Centaur people as a whole. Cells are usually divided along Clan lines, and are usually quite large.

Notable Centaurs

  • Trenaran of the Free Trade League: Outcast Centaur woman who founded a merchant organization in opposition to the Provincial Trade Company. Initially worked in the Janwall area, Holtburg Province, but ended up fleeing to Osteth in the wake of the War.
  • Loreskfa of Maraudine: Centaur Lord who was involved in the Al-Erat situation. His intentions and connections are unknown, as the party killed him.

Clan Names:

  • Kolkar
  • Magram
  • Gelkis
  • Galak
  • Krenka
  • Stonetalon
  • Maraudine