A small view of the primary continent of Dereth

Dereth is the name of the primary continent of Primus, and the main focal point of its story. It is inhabited by a wide variety of creatures and people, and contains many different biomes and resources.

Dereth is primarily divided into territorial lines, equating to the major Nations which are the dominant powers on the continent. These include the Osteth Republic to the south, the Sho Empire to the south east, the Naverre Confederacy to the west, and the Aluvian Kingdom to the north and northeast. There is also the Olthoi lands known collectively as Hive in the far northeast corner, the unofficially termed 'uncivilized lands' to the northwest where Stonehold lies, a vast mostly uncharted region in the northern central area called Crater, and finally a vast sea dividing the mainland from the Dires on the western edge. There are two landbridges connecting the mainland to the Dires.

Dereth is currently embroiled in the first War in recorded history, mainly between the Aluvian Kingdom and the Naverre Confederacy, which has been threatening to tear the social fabric of the Four Nations apart. This conflict was (officially) declared in response to a joint Sho - Naverre effort to retaliate against Stonehold for what was perceived as Stonehold attempting to incite conflict amongst the Four Nations. The War is still raging as of today.