The Dwarves are, arguably, the most common race in the Kingdom of Aluvia.  Having lived alongside the Elves for the last 3 and a half centuries, the two people share a nearly identical cultural identity, with no real strong influences or societal traits distinguishing them that much from other races other than their obvious physical differences.

Dwarves usually have much earthier tones for skin, including a light bronze, tan, pale, brown, and dark brown. Dwarven hair varies pretty significantly, especially since so many Dwarves take to dyeing their hair, but by default this is usually something simple like black, brown, white, grey, and red. Height for Dwarves ranges a bit between around 3' tall to the really tall ones which cap out at about 5'. Dwarven eyes are often called almost identical to Elven ones, being in hazels, browns, greens, and blues primarily.

Dwarves can be found as lowly laborers or playwrights or businessmen or soldiers equally.  The significant presence of the Dwarves has led to some interesting developments in food and architecture, as a Dwarf's sense of taste is wildly different from most of the other race's, being incredibly focused and sensitive to even slight variations in food or drink.  Thus often Dwarven dishes tend towards fare other races might find bland or tasteless, and by contrast a Dwarf tends to dislike the food of others given its 'excessive' nature.  Similarly their short stature and physical limitations has led a lot of construction to take them into account, ranging from doors having multiple doorknobs at differing heights, shelves and counters being lower than average, and in the more modern era an increasing commonality of Woven adjusting furniture that can be set to either Elf or Dwarf 'modes' to accommodate whomever is utilizing it at the time.  The latter has reached almost total saturation amongst restaurants and tap-cafes throughout the Glenden Wood and Holtburg Provinces.

Notable Dwarves

  • Dorin of Songblade: Lord of Cragstone and renowned Dragoon
  • Raene of Shadowforge: Lady of Rithwic with former ties to the Aluvian Military.
  • Gremlock of Anvilmar: Former Executor of the 110th-113th Adjuncts of the Third Wing of the Order.
  • Oghren of Anvilmar: Once a well-positioned accountant amongst the Undermarket, and later the Exchange.
  • Bobtholamew of Ironforge: Versed archeologist in Scionic architecture and society. Died in the Marblebush Incident.
  • Gretta of Firebeard: Warlord of the Slates and vassal of the Exchange.

Clan Names:

  • Anvilmar
  • Hammersmith
  • Songblade
  • Firebeard
  • Thundermar
  • Shadowforge
  • Stormpike
  • Songblade