The Elves are considered one of the more common races in the world, owed primarily due to their omnipresence within the Kingdom of Aluvia. In truth Elves do not have a majority population of Dereth, as even amongst Aluvia they only constitute about 30% of the population. Rather, Elves have a tendency to rise to the more visible and obvious positions, giving others the impression that Aluvia is the 'kingdom of the Elves', when the Dwarves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, and Lord Elves have just as much of a stake in it.

Elves vary in size, shape, and skin tone from dark brown to pale peach. Hair colors tend to lean towards browns, blacks, blondes, and the occasional red-heads. Height can be anywhere from 5 feet to 6 and a half feet. Eyes tend to be hazel, brown, or blue.

Ironically the most distinguishing physical trait of Elves is their 'plain' appearance, which a multitude of the other races find to be simple and uninteresting. Elves also don't tend towards any given philosophy or mindset, which is the other reason Elves tend to be considered the 'common' race; it is not unheard of to find at least one Elf in every town in the entire world, regardless of political or geological boundaries. The one commonality amongst Elves is that, generally speaking, they tend to have a sort of friendly rivalry with Lord Elves in general, as both races tend to try to one-up the other; this extends to politics, mercantilism, militarism, and even the more mundane day-to-day living.

Statistically speaking, amongst the wealthy aristocracy that makes up the upper echelons of the Aluvian Kingdom, Elves actually have the least number of families represented. Part of this is due to political marriages in years past, which has lead to Half-Elves taking up important family names and holdings.

Notable Elves

  • Daelyshia of Lightmane: Lady of Holtburg and one-time ally of The Exchange.
  • Fahran of Silentblade: Lord of Glenden Wood.
  • Raene of Wolfrunner: Lady of Rithwic.
  • Zeriel of Nightwhisper: Desolate and experienced Black Mage.
  • Kolson Wezrae: Red Mage Weaver who also has a good mind for business.
  • Zeiss of Wintersong: Thief, former assassin of the Bloodied Flock, founding member of The Exchange.
  • Ilya of Nightsong: Career Adventurer who was rescued from being an abomination by the party.
  • Thonson of Nightsong: Husband and fellow career Adventurer of Ilya of Nightsong.
  • Andrei of Whisperwind: Young Desolate boy rescued by the efforts of the party.
  • Eruth of Moonwhisper: Lone accidental survivor of the Undermarket Assassination, ended up joining the Free Trade League with Tethelia. Sometimes known as Fat Elf.
  • Tethelia of Shadowsong: Undermarket worker who's flirtations with him ended up saving their lives.
  • Antheol of Glaivestorm: Thief who worked with Zeiss of Wintersong once upon a time. Currently works at The Five and Silver in Hailbrook.
  • Julia of Floralwind: Thief who used to work with Zeiss of Wintersong. Fled the Bloodied Flock and joined the PTC instead as an acquisitions expert.

Clan Names:

  • Moonsong
  • Nightsong
  • Moonblade
  • Wintersong
  • Glaivestorm
  • Lightmane
  • Silentblade
  • Silverseer
  • Wolfrunner
  • Floralwind
  • Whitemoon
  • Feathermoon