Fairies are a race of tall, winged individuals who are among the more rare races across the Four Nations.  The wings are mostly decorative, as at best they allow temporary hovering or the ability to 'fly' up a few feet before tiring out.  Found primarily in the Kingdom of Aluvia, mostly due to proximity to their place of birth, Fairies nevertheless can be found across the continent.  Infamously, a Fairy was responsible for the first recorded incident of Desolation in the world, happening through a Naverre town and ousting the Mayor as a Desolate. 

All Fairies have genders, and tend to engage in romantic entanglements, but lack the ability to reproduce.  Instead, all Fairies are birthed from the Elemental Pool, a perfectly still circle of water at the very center of Arwic which has attendants keeping the nearby grounds and facilities functional 24/7, as well as being present for any newly birthed Fairies, since there is no rhyme or reason to when it can happen.  A Fairy is birthed fully adult and formed, with basic knowledge of things like language, walking, and other fundamentals, but lacking in 'higher' knowledge like social customs, math, history, or anysuch.  This is the purpose of the N'ic Academy, built up around the Pool and dedicated to educating newly birthed Fairies in the finer realities of life, and helping them on their way towards whatever strikes their fancy as far as careers.  The Academy also quietly tries to recruit new Fairies into the Zefirs.

The Zefirs, based in Arwic, are an organization comprised entirely of Fairies who act as intermediaries, diplomats, ambassadors, and negotiators for other organizations, small and large.  It's rare to see a business deal, long term mercenary contract, trade treaty between Nations, or otherwise happen without a Zefir Fairy present.

Notable Fairies

  • Javan: Young Fairy who aspires to be a Dragoon.  Recently mutated into a hideous Elemental Abomination.
  • Hanuel: Another young Fairy who grouped with the party temporarily, but ended up parting ways to join the Order.
  • Mani: Hezhit in the Order, known to be working with Magitek.  Not much else known.
  • Kador: Gentleman working for the Free Trade League and Trenaran.