The Four Nations is the term granted to what is commonly, if incorrectly, referred to as the 'civilized lands' which comprise the majority of Dereth's landmass. These include the Kingdom of Aluvia, the Naverre Confederacy, the Sho Empire, and the Osteth Republic. These were originally to be five instead of four, but the disparate races of the northwest could not unify on a single platform or organization and disagreed with many of the tenants of the Dericost Accords, and so retreated socially and culturally from the remainder. Thus over time these races, the Mosswarts, Goblins, Kobolds, Gnolls, and Centaurs became known as the 'uncivilized races', centered around a large fortified city known as Stonehold. This also gives the term to the entire area, the Stonehold Region, though there is no true central government or power over the Stonehold Region.

The Four Nations have maintained peace for nearly a century, though tenuous at times thanks to economic short-sightedness and conflicting philosophical views. Few people still remember that the Four Nations almost went to war a century before, the event that the Dericost intervened upon with military and magical force, requiring the younger nations to sign their Accords or face the consequences. While this act was undoubtedly heavy handed, the results were hard to deny... until The War broke out.