Gnomes are short, stout individuals with unusual proportions to match their size. Gnomes are commonly found in the Osteth Mountain Range along with the Lugians and Mites, though it's not out of the ordinary to see one roaming Aluvia as well. Gnomes are one of the three controlling races of the Osteth Republic.

Gnomes average around 3' in height, with short and stocky arms and legs and large hands and feet, as well as disproportionately large heads. Their eyes tend to be brown, hazel, green, blue, and black, and their natural hair color is somewhat mundane, usually being dark brown, black, or autumn brown. Gnomes' hair doesn't grow grey or white with age, and given the care they tend to take of themselves, it can sometimes be difficult to tell an elderly Gnome from a young one.

There is a tendency amongst Gnomes to specialize in mechanical or magical professions, owing at least in part to their natural affinity for Weaving and the long-standing tradition of being craftsmen, tinkers, and inventors. The well-renowned Airship was developed by a joint effort of the brightest and best of the Osteth Republic, and the Gnomish people have no shame in taking part in that accomplishment. Their tendency towards racial pride means there's a lot of internal and external pressure for Gnomes to excel at whatever task they put their mind towards, which also tends to push those who do not excel into lesser stations in life. Gnomes who have failed tend to give up in shame and work at menial low-skill labor jobs and other mundane walks of life, or turn towards a life of crime in the Undermarket.

For the most part, this cultural divide also functions geographically. Successful Gnomes tend to live amongst their fellows in the Republic, while those who have 'fallen' or otherwise had hard times tend to migrate towards the Republic's ally in the north, the Kingdom of Aluvia. This has resulted in an odd picture in the common people's eyes about Gnomes, as they are simultaneously lawded and looked down upon.

Notable Gnomes

  • Manus of Mechazod: Old friend of Zeiss' and former Bloodied Flock assassin. Died in action fighting off a Harpy attack while working as a mercenary.
  • Milli of Greatgear: Elderly Archweaver who has worked with the Undermarket in the past. Has a long personal history of working together with Z.
  • Wizzle of Cogspanner: A 'rogue' Gnome who has devoted his life's work towards the study of Desolation.
  • Bipsi of Airslicer: Continent-renowned Airship engineer and current head of R&D at Osteth Production Concern.

Clan Names:

  • Steamrig
  • Fizzlebang
  • Greatgear
  • Airslicer
  • Thermaplug
  • Mekatorque
  • Fullthrottle
  • Mechazod
  • Cogspanner