Half-Elves are a somewhat unique classification, as Elves by their nature can breed with most other races successfully, and are one of the only races with this capability.  Such unions always result in a Half-Elf, but what that means varies based on the other half.  Examples of these include Banderlings, Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls, Lugians, and Ogres.  Obviously the hybrid will have traits akin to the other half as well as their Elven features, and if a then Half-Elf mates with another species the resultant child will be a further mix of the two.  There are Half-Elf families which have retained their genetic line amongst similar Half-Elves, usually for political reasons, but this is understandably rare. 

The appearances of Half-Elves obviously varies sufficiently as to be an exercise in futility to list all the possible variations. Generally their appearance is seen as a mix of their two parent races, and with quarter or eighth Half-Elves this is appropriately shifted in favor of the dominant species. It is worth noting that heterochromia is quite common amongst Half-Elves of any breed.

Half-Elves in general were quite uncommon on Dereth until the formal formation of the Kingdom of Aluvia and all the economic and political intrigue that created, which led to a large number of Elven aristocrats marrying off children to others in order to strengthen ties.  As a result Half-Elves, after a few generations, found themselves holding a controlling interest in the Kingdom as a whole, with huge representation amongst the townships and considerable economic might due to the number of companies, guilds, and corps they own thanks to familial ties.  This being said, it is worth noting that the Half-Elves as a species, if they can even be considered such, do not really have an identity of their own so much as that of their immediate family, given the obvious variety that exists amongst them.  There are some not-insignificant racial prejudices in certain regions against and for Half-Elves of certain breeds.  Notably, in dealings with races of the Sho it is common to ensure Half-Elves are not to be seen, even if they are a major force in trade, negotiation, or diplomacy, because the Sho as a whole find the concept of diluting bloodlines to be a sign of cultural weakness.

It is worth noting that a Half-Elf, half Human is theoretically possible, but given the incredibly limited exposure the two races have to each other nothing has come of this theoretical pairing thusfar.

Notable Half-Elves

  • Alonzo of Firebeard: Half-Dwarf Overseer of the Bloodied Flock.
  • Aayndia of Floralwind: Half-Banderling Marshall of Lytlethorpe and skilled Dragoon.