To a Kobold, the self cannot exist without the whole. This is tempered by their other strong belief; the whole is stronger than the individual. Any given Kobold tends to detest organization, especially if forced upon them, leading to a very fluid society where Kobolds will gather for temporary gains, then disperse once done. Similarly, exceptionally few strong Kobold leaders have been documented in recorded history, given their absence of a group to lead. Temporary military and diplomatic representatives will be selected amongst a group as needed, but as expected will lose any 'power' and position the moment the need goes away.

This also leads towards an oddity in how Kobolds view others. Any given Kobold will have a great deal of respect for an individual for that one person's accomplishments; be they feats of power, or knowledge, or skill, or even the mundane. Being an exceptionally skilled tailor or a good cook can garner as much respect as a great warrior or mage within the Kobolds. This does tend to lend itself towards it being difficult to get a 'handle' on Kobolds, as few facts apply to the race as a whole.

Kobolds have a long-standing friendship with Mosswarts due to cooperation for similar lands. Kobolds also have a longstanding hatred against the Centaurs, ironically for the same reason. The difference between the two being the Mosswarts usually work together with Kobolds, but Centaurs tend to prefer killing. All three races prefer humid, marshy terrain; the Kobolds in particular because it is most comfortable to them personally, as well as allowing them good protection from outside threats.

Many individual Kobolds in the recent decades have dispersed throughout the Four Nations, finding the modern society and the tendency away from Clans and community appealing, though they tend to avoid some of the more regimented organizations like standing military forces.

Notable Kobolds

  • Slivina of Dragonflayer: Rare Kobold leader, current political head of the Al-Jalima State

Clan Names:

  • Dragonflayer
  • Winterskorn
  • Jotunheim
  • Kvaldir
  • Hyldnir
  • Vaklyrion