The Lord Elves are a somewhat unusual off-shoot of regular Elves.  In general they are not as well known nor as commonplace as most other races, owing especially to their strict adherence to genealogy and the tendency for those families to remain exclusively within Aluvia, with only the occasional exception otherwise.  It is also somewhat common for Lord Elves to be in positions of power; be this military, economical, or political.  This is more due to the stake the Lord Elves have in the Aluvian aristocracy than anything else. 

Lord Elves are far less varied in their appearance than their more common cousins.  Skin tone is always a common theme of stone-like, such as alabaster white, shale grey, or obsidian black, complete with texture and reflection to match.  An average Lord Elf is about 6 feet tall, with the occasional few being slightly taller or shorter.  Lord Elf eyes tend to be a huge variety of colors, from red to black to blue to green to yellow and everything in between.

Lord Elves, other than their somewhat non-fleshy appearance, have no real traits that apply to the race as a whole other than a somewhat friendly social rivalry with regular Elves.  It is somewhat less common to see a Lord Elf in a more mundane position of laborer, as many seek to live up to their cultural heritage and become merchants, healers, mages, or otherwise 'higher' positions in the workforce.

One interesting oddity amongst Lord Elves is that any offspring of a mixed-race marriage will result in a new Lord Elf, not a half-breed or otherwise.  For example, a Lord Elf who has a child with a Banderling, or an Orc, or any other compatible species will produce a child who is fully Lord Elf.  The reasons behind this oddity are ill understood, but have led to some cultural patterns surrounding Lord Elf mating practices.  It is not uncommon for Lord Elf families to arrange the marriages of their children, usually deliberately marrying their children off to wealthy or affluent individuals of other races, ensuring that the offspring of said political marriages are Lord Elves, which strengthens the Lord Elf family's claims and rights.  In more recent years this practice has started to be perceived by other cultures as backwater or unpleasant, and there is a social stigma amongst most areas associated with a mixed Lord Elf relationship as a result.

Notable Lord Elves

  • Alysa of Highspring: High Queen of the Kingdom of Aluvia
  • Radnaal of Highspring: Elderly Dragoon and hero from previous conflicts. Former Commander of the Dragonkin Sworn.

Clan Names:

  • Highspring
  • Sunstrider
  • Brightwing
  • Sunreaver
  • Autumnwatcher
  • Sunsorrow