Lugians are easily the largest race wandering Dereth. They average anywhere from 20 to 30 feet tall, with thick coarse skin that varies in color from gray to darker gray to lighter gray. While the average Lugian can easily reach over most buildings, there are 'runts' among them for reasons no one currently understands who usually stand at a mere 7 or 8 feet tall. Gwydo of Graniteholme is an example of one such 'runt'.

The Lugians have always led a fairly harsh existence, eeking out survival amongst the Osteth Mountain Range and the surrounding countryside. Having to contend with all manner of aggressive beasts and monsters, the Lugians learned fairly quickly to rely upon each other. This also created an oddly symbiotic relationship with the Gnomes and Mites, who also inhabited the mountain. The smaller races, very diminutive in size and generally incapable of physically defending themselves, would rely on the grey giants daily. In return, the Mites and Gnomes were allowed to pursue more long-term arts, such as engineering, Weaving, and architecture. The Mites and Gnomes quickly developed a culture of development, which they shared with their giant friends, leading to all three races prospering under the most well-built, well-designed fortifications in the known world.

This constant vigil against the dangers of the Osteth continues to this day, and three centuries of relying on one another has enforced a very cooperative mindset. To a Lugian, the idea of deliberately killing another sentient being is an unpleasant thing at best, and most would not even consider it. Nowhere is this more reflected than in their military, which could be argued to be the strongest military in the world... if not for the fact that they are completely not geared towards fighting other people. They have developed strategies and tactics, arms and armor entirely around fighting the local wildlife.

The Lugians immense size is offset somewhat by their dual intake. Obviously they have quite a bit of an appetite, and their digestion is so efficient that no waste is produced from food. But they still require additional sources of energy to maintain full functionality, which usually comes in the forms of direct bleed-off of Elemental energy. There are usually Loci in Lugian towns, specially Woven to siphon off local Leyline energy for distribution.

Notable Lugians

  • Gwydo of Graniteholme: Former Railway engineer and Paladin of Life who joined the party some months ago. Has since been infused with an energy he doesn't understand, which has been slowly changing him.
  • Yuula of Platecarver: Admiral of the Lugian 1st Fleet and High Captain of the Bahamut.
  • Kresovus of Steelmortar: Taitus of the Osteth Republic.
  • Muldaevus of Gotrok: Chieftain of the Gotrok rebels.
  • Kreya of Sandstone: Current CEO of Xelios Drive Yards.
  • Aerovus of Rocksalt: Lithos of Linvak Tukal.
  • Kasalova of Roughslate: Lithos of Qal.
  • Tosil of Flagstone: Lithos of Kara.
  • Kilius of Steelmortar: Lithos of Lin, son of Kresovus of Steelmortar.
  • Torava of Rubblerift: Lithos of Tou.
  • Harklom of Heartbrick: Amploth of Fort Candeth. Has been on extended duty for some time now.

Clan Names

  • Rocksalt
  • Roughslate
  • Sandstone
  • Graniteholme
  • Flagstone
  • Rubblerift
  • Masonpillar
  • Platecarver
  • Steelmortar
  • Heartbrick
  • Chiselgrinder