Mites are rather well known to most people across the continent of Dereth, despite their somewhat unusual demeanor and situations. Mites tend to get along well with about half the people they meet, and infuriate the other half, leading to some unusual interactions. Those who know how to cultivate friendships or partnerships with the Mites find them to be valuable allies.

Mites stand at, on average, 4' tall. They are covered head to toe in soft, very short fur, barely covering their skin beneath. Most Mites tend to decorate this fur in dyes (mundane or Woven) and shave it in styles that vary wildly from Mite to Mite, and tends to be a point of pride for some. Mite eyes can be almost any color available, and are often commented to be 'adorable' to look at for too long. Their long snouts underneath that taper in like a fox's, with several long yet small teeth suitable for both meat and vegetable intake. Their ears are short and can take multiple different shapes, but are known for their exceptional hearing.

The Mites' arms are long, unusually so for their height, and are extremely dextrous, having two elbow joints and a tight construction of muscles. Similarly the Mites' fingers are multiple-jointed as well, and tend to be exceptionally long proportionate to their hands, allowing them considerable dexterity when manipulating small or fine instruments and arts. Their natural advantage lends themselves towards crafting, artistry, engineering, and the like. Each hand houses four fingers and two thumbs, and each finger terminates in a retractable claw, which some mites fine down to be more useful in their given craft.

The culture of the Mites is probably the most unusual one amongst the races of Dereth. Mites have no Clan names, and do not grow attached based on familial significance. Often times a given Mite will treat a mother or father no differently than another Mite, though this is not absolute of course.

This lends itself towards the Mites' mentality in a nutshell; a lack of grouping. Any given Mite will look at another individual as that individual regardless of circumstance, within reason. A Mite facing a group of bandits is likely to realize the other bandits who have not specifically hurt him or her are enemies, after all. But a Mite will generally treat any person they meet as that person regardless of gender, race, political affiliation, or otherwise. This can and has led to Mites being taken advantage of in the past, but also means Mites tend to be the most tolerant of all races in Dereth. Mites are also resistant to the rather unpleasant side effects of Desolation, though not completely immune.

Notable Mites

  • Aurelon: Kilkitris of the entire Northern Reach area for The Order.
  • Araiguna: A young oddity amongst his kind, shunned at birth for being impulsive and violent. Chose the Adventurer's path.
  • Moordo: Kilkitris of the Second Wing of The Order. 
  • Valaatu: Well-known Airship engineer working with the Osteth Production Concern.