Tall, wide, and strong, the Ogres carry themselves as lumbering mounds of muscle. No where near the size of Lugians, averaging instead closer to 7' tall, Ogres nevertheless distinguish themselves by an impressive array of teeth, and a wide assortment of muscle. Even the 'weaker' of the Ogres tends to be stronger than the strongest of most other races.

Most people look at the Ogres and immediately presume they are what they seem to be; big, dumb oafs. The Ogres themselves, culturally, have been raised to encourage this belief as it serves to their ends. Other races tend to either disavow Ogre presence, or are more easily manipulated by Ogres, as a result of this cultivated prejudice. There are, of course, plenty of people who know that Ogres can be just as smart (or dumb) as any other race, but the racial bias is fairly prevalent throughout the Four Nations.

A good example of this in action is the Non War which led to the foundation of the Naverre Confederacy. Though very little actual fighting occurred, the potential for what would have been the continent's first war was well on its way until Ogres on both sides quietly suggested a compromise in ways that the Trolls and Banderlings both believed it was their own ideas. This type of suggestion manipulation is fairly common for Ogres, and it is quite normal to see Ogres in positions as advisors, bodyguards, or otherwise individuals close to those in political power.

Ogres also have a particular fondness for more exotic and, frankly, dangerous foods and drink due to their natural resilience, which has led to quite a culinary connection between them and the Lugians, since the Lugians share most of the same preferences.

Notable Ogres

  • Bonebreaker of Dreadmaul: A very intelligent, well-versed Pugilist and Frenzied Berserker who was the Second of the Holtburg Undermarket district. Immensely powerful in combat. Ended up siding with the party as they formed the Exchange, but was pushed out by Zeiss and his machinations. Later ended up joining Zeriel as an Elite in her employ.
  • Mugthol of Stonegullet: Boss of the Investigation and General Affairs company, most commonly referred to as the IGA.
  • Kom of Gordok: Governor of Al-Arqas. Has been quietly playing a balancing game between Yaraq and Al-Jalima ever since the Confederacy broke apart, current affiliation and loyalties unknown.

Clan Names

  • Dreadmaul
  • Dunemaul
  • Spirestone
  • Firegut
  • Bloodeye
  • Bladespire
  • Gordunni
  • Gordok
  • Boulderfist
  • Crushridge
  • Deadwind
  • Duskbelch
  • Splinterfist
  • Stonegullet