The Orcs are often considered the 'common' race of the Naverre Confederacy, for mostly the same reasons the Elves are considered such for the Aluvia; commonality in visibility, not actual numbers.  The major difference between the two (other than appearance of course) is that the Orcs have, over the centuries, cultivated a very strong Clan-based identity.  While most races acknowledge their Clan Name as an integral part of who they are, the significance usually begins and ends there, with real loyalties belonging to friends, family, and tribe.  Amongst the Orcs though, one's Clan will always indelibly mark who one is, and as such all Orcs of the Dragonmaw will almost always support and gravitate more towards their fellow Clan members rather than those of another.  One downside of this, culturally, is that as a result pairings between Orcs of differing Clans has grown less and less common over the years.  This, appropriately, has led to an increase in this Clan identity as members of a given Clan will almost always be born and raised in the same area as other kin, which has led to each Clan having a distinct accent, traditions, and appearances.  As a byproduct of this philosophy, any Half-Elves who are half Orc that take the Clan name of their Orcish parent are universally considered welcome in and a member of that Clan regardless of their mixed heritage.  

All Orcs vary in height from about 5' to 6.5', and tend to have hair colors that are on the darker spectrum, such as black, dark brown, dark red, dark grey, et cetera. Eye colors also tend to be rather simple, almost always a variant on brown or black. The one true variance amongst Orcs has to do with their skin color, which can vary wildly and depends on which Clan from which they hail. Bonechewer members have a rather greenish-yellow skin, Dragonmaw tend towards a charcoal brown, Frostwolf have pale white, Shadowmoon a light violet, Stormreaver a vibrant green, Thunderlords lean towards dirty brown, Blackrocks have sheer black, Laughing Skulls have a clay grey, Bleeding Hollow have a sickly red green, Black Tooth Grin have very pale brown, and Shattered Hand have a milky grey.

Aside from the strong Clan identity, there is not much that binds the Orcs together as a species.  They are found equally in all walks of life, do not discriminate based on gender or creed, and generally find it easy to get along with most all other races.  Orcs in general have long-standing friendship with their fellow denizens of the western plains and deserts, having shared those territories with them for many long decades.

Notable Orcs

  • Tarin of Dragonmaw: Current Executive of Archon Transport Systems.
  • Gaeria of Warsong: Current Commander of the Dragonkin Sworn, former lieutenant under Radnaal of Highspring.
  • Harkun of Bonechewer: Former Adventurer turned Guardian of Al-Erat. Killed by unknown assailants.
  • Toloth of Thunderlord: Mayor of Al-Ferin, wealthy and popular, currently supporting the Al-Jalima State's secession.
  • Keetha of Shattered Hand: Subdirector of the IGA, Directorate contact.

Clan Names:

  • Bonechewer
  • Dragonmaw
  • Frostwolf
  • Shadowmoon
  • Stormreaver
  • Thunderlord
  • Warsong
  • Blackrock
  • Laughing Skull
  • Bleeding Hollow
  • Black Tooth Grin
  • Shattered Hand