Rory Ølsund

  • Birthdate: Unknown month, Unknown day, Year 324
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Disposition: Violent
  • Favorite food: Any form of red meat
  • Favorite drink: Beer. Hard liquor will do in a pinch.

Barbarian, reformed tribal, Exchange Master-at-Arms, self-appointed guardian of humanity.

During the panic inherent in the impending doom Vesayen Lassel (later resolved), a group of bandits seized a ship and blundered into a coastal village by mistake. In the resulting scuffle, a tribal known by the others as Rory went mad with rage, but was subdued and taken captive. The ship was caught in a storm on the way to Dereth, and Rory washed up on the Hebian-To peninsula, believing himself to be the only survivor. In the port town of Hebian-To, he took a job at the docks to earn a living, and joined an underground fighting ring as a way to train and earn money, with aspirations of joining the then-floundering Adventurer's Guild. After joining, he was a few grunt jobs away from the big one that brought the party together.

For most of his life, Rory lived peacefully in Rellemath, a coastal village home to an isolationist tribe native to Vesayen Lassel. He would sometimes make trips to the city to trade or otherwise obtain things the village relied upon to thrive. Although such visits were short, he often had a little time to experience the culture. He was the third oldest in a large family of warriors. His mother showed him how to hunt, which he took to as a pastime in the right conditions. Among his siblings, he was the most reluctant to being taught how to fight, to the point of being belligerent. At the time of his arrival on the mainland, Rory became very disgruntled and embittered by his lot in life. He has always appreciated the acquired taste of beer, and ever since, he has appreciated the taste of other various alcoholic beverages, in addition to - albeit less frequently - wanton drunkenness.

Since before anyone can remember, the people of the village worked in tandem to keep its location secret; in addition, a nearby city helped ensure that they never had trouble with bandits, and when they did, it was often a manageable group they were able to suppress without much difficulty. The event of the bandits blundering by and discovering their home by happenstance caused a surge of panic and uncertainty over how to deal with the invaders in the long term. In the heat of the moment, fighting and capturing them was all they had for a short term solution. Rory's bout of rage in the middle of the chaos was a moment of realization and self-discovery, and was the cause for him later being much more adaptive to the hardships people on the Lassels were shielded from.