Trolls are tall, thin, with varying shapes and sizes of tusks and a huge variety of skin colorations. They don't lend themselves towards being particularly physically strong, but their reflexes in general are quite good.

Trolls tend to be lumped in with another of the 'common' races of the Naverre, being about equal in quantity with the Orcs and having several highly visible members in positions of leadership. Similarly, Trolls tend to like cultivating the idea of being the 'upper crust' of society, as most Trolls, culturally, tend to enjoy things of wealth, luxury, and privilege more than most other races do.

Part of this has been built up over the years due to their natural regeneration abilities. Any given Troll cannot magically regrow an arm or a head, but wounds will regenerate over time, even more major ones like broken bones, and standard cuts and bruises are almost nonexistent amongst their kind. A byproduct of this is a high pain tolerance, which similarly means less sensation in general, which has led to them seeking greater comforts than most other races would. It doesn't reach an extreme, but a Troll will be far pickier about clothing, food, bedding, chairs, couches, carpets, and all other sorts of things due to this lack of sensation.

Naturally this led Trolls to be more driven, in general, towards wealth and power over the years. In fact, Trolls were the ones who initially established the framework for what would eventually become the Naverre Confederacy. The original Gold Road and the trade web that criss-crossed most of the Reach, Band, and Cusp (this was before the Edge was settled) were all established by the older Troll Clans in the search of new goods to satisfy, which quite accidentally lead to the discovery of the benefits of a trade empire. This lead to the Non War which shifted neatly into the establishment of the Confederacy itself.

Notable Trolls

  • Ashakel: A young Troll who's family met an unfortunate fate at a young age, was raised by an Olthoi named Xzareth. Died, tragically, in the incident at Marblebush.
  • Tol'Tarn of Amani: Governor of the Al-Jalima State. Very competent and well liked, has been Governor for many years. Personally established the Al-Jalima Defense Corps from volunteers when the military abandoned them, and lead Al-Jalima in breaking from the Confederacy.
  • Zaikh of Seaspear: Governor of the Zaikhal State, founded the entire State out of the Edge region in an effort to pursue new trade lines with the Stonehold Region and Colier.
  • Yayojin of Sandfury: Former Colonel of the Naverre military. One of the heads of the prototype Sandship project.
  • Rennaz of Seaspear: Former Distributor of the Naverre Reach. Father of Forith, and a strong proponent of the Desolation Rights Movement. Journeyed to Yaraq to try to keep the union together when the States began to split.
  • Forith of Seaspear: Husband of Tarsella, father of Eliarshia, son of Rennaz. Former Mayor of Karath, abandoned his post to pursue the Desolation Rights Movement.
  • Tarsella of Firetree: Wife of Forith, mother of Eliarshia. Was sent to Colier to be safe, has not been heard from since.
  • Eliarshia of Seaspear: A newborn Troll child, born with Desolation. Current whereabouts unknown.
  • Titasia of Winteraxe: Expert sniper recruited by Snarg to be one of his Elites in the Blood Fox.

Clan Names

  • Seaspear
  • Amani
  • Vilebranch
  • Raventusk
  • Bloodscalp
  • Firetree
  • Darkspear
  • Shatterspear
  • Hakkari
  • Drakkari
  • Frostmane
  • Winteraxe
  • Sandfury
  • Shadowtooth